Thursday, October 23, 2014

Big news from Dragon Forge Design to all you round lip fans, because you asked for it...

Big news to all you round lip fans, because you asked for it...

I have started planning and sculpting of the Ancient Ruins II Round Lip bases sets of 30 mm, 30 mm 50 mm 80 mm and 120 mm bases. I can't promise they will be completely sculpted in the next 10 days or so but if we reach the 7th stretch goal level at $4100. I will add a 8th stretch goal at $6000 for all the round lips!!!

Since the round lip style of base was not something I had planed for this Kickstarter I am try my best to make you guys happy too!  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dragon Forge Designs First Kickstarter for Ancient Ruins II is now LIVE!!!

My Kickstarter for Ancient Ruins II is now live.

You can find it here

Since its launch, Ancient Ruins has been one of the most popular base series at Dragon Forge Design. It is now time for a breath of fresh air with a well deserved complement series:  Ancient Ruins II. Such additions are usually implemented 2 or 3 sets at a time in order to gradually absorb the financial and labor cost of creating and producing new bases. With Ancient Ruins II, we could not abide our excitement. It is 15 new sets with over exactly 50 new bases that will be released at once.  After months of overtime labor, we can say with pride that the sculpting is done, the masters are crafted and we are ready to move to production.

 Ancient Ruins II offer you a variation on its little brother. Even though the styles are slightly different, Ancient Ruins and Ancient Ruins II are fully compatible. Furthermore, Ancient Ruins II will offer you great possibility for water effect with more "Waters Edge" than ever. These are recessed areas that allow you to pour your favorite water medium to recreate water, blood or toxic waste. A tutorial on water effect will be offered with every pledge. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dragon Forge Designs 1st Kickstarter for Ancient Ruins II Goes Live October 22, 2014

On October 22, 2014  at 9:00 AM I will launch my first Ever Kickstarter for Ancient Ruins II.

Stay tuned for a Link!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

A few more sets to preview for the upcoming Ancient Ruins II Kickstarter

I thought Id tease you with a few more pictures of upcoming sets from the upcoming Kickstarter for Ancient Ruins II.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Four New Basic Ruins Fantasy Square Base Sets Added at Dragon Forge Design

Today I added 4 new base sets to the Basic Ruins Square base style base series for Fantasy type armies.

They are the following

SRBBR-011    50 mm x 75 mm Basic Ruins       Set One,   3 for $15.00
SRBBR-012    50 mm x 150 mm Basic Ruins    Set Two,    1 for $7.00
SRBBR-015    50 mm x 150 mm Basic Ruins    Set Three, 1 for $7.00
SRBBR-020   100 mm x 150 mm Basic Ruins   Set One,    1 for $15.00