Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Work!

Well I've made a promise to myself and others that I would start using this blog to detail my exploits as a sculptor and show some work in progress stuff for Dragon Forge. I'm finishing up painting some new base sets which I will post soon and then show some new work later on tonight hopefully.

Well as promised here are a couple pictures of two new sets of bases Ive done for existing ranges. A while back a customer asked if I would think about doing 30mm sized bases for re-basing AT-43 figures as 25mm round bases were to small. So I decided to give it a try for the two series he wanted to use. So I have now done 30mm Cobblestone Rubble and 30mm broken Wasteland style bases for my lines.
I'm also working on some 60mm round bases for each series to be used to rebase some of the lager Mecha like figures.

30mm Cobblestone Rubble

30mm Broken Wasteland

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