Monday, April 20, 2009

Ancient Ruins Work In Progress pictures

I'm working on a new set of bases I will be calling Ancient Ruins and I just up loaded Work In Progress pictures of the bases as they are now .

What do you think?


Legio_Malaysia said...

Looks good! Looking forward to seeing your bases first hand!

Gordo Phreshmex said...

You know as I was looking at them, I started wondering if given the ancient theme you could make the large square tiles into mosaics?
I mean something like this:

probably too much detail to be worth it - and would make the bases specific to a particular era/culture - but it would be amazing to have that already modeled into the base.

the wip looks great!

Dragonforge said...

Thanks Guys, I spent quite a bit of more time on them after these pictures were taken adding more cracks and chips and over all damage to make them look old and worn ruins.

I just poured the molds so I should have a set up by tomorrow evening hopefully.

As to your question about mosaics, most tend to be made of the same size and shape small stone, its the colored stones that make the mosaics that you see. I would love to do some patterns in future bases, it will just take some thought in how to do it proper.

Jason Dyer said...

I like 'em Jeff!
They may be a better choice for me when I do my Slaanesh army and transfer a piece of art to the tiles.

Dragonforge said...

Yes I thought they would look good with army's like certain Chaos, Tau and even Eldar forces.