Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well using http://random.org I came up with a winner for my first contest...

And the winner is!!!!


Please contact me at Dragonforge@gmail.com to get me your details as where to send your counters set.

I would like to thank everyone who has come here and signed up to follow my blog. I will be adding lots of new things here along with running other give away's and co promotions with other blogs.

Monday, June 29, 2009

WIP of a 120mm Wastland II Base

Normally I don't post to many Work in Progress pictures as I tend to work pretty fast and before I know it I'm done and I'm putting the model into rubber to be molded. But since I'm waiting for my rubber to be delivered here are some pictures of a new 120mm Wasteland II base in progress.

First picture you have the beginning of the base. Ive started with one of my 120mm blanks and added wood planking made from scribed styrene. It takes a while to scribe wood gran into styrene but its worth the effort.

I have also begun to build up the trench barrier using Magic Sculp.

Ive also filled in he cracks between the boards with fine grit sand.

Next you can see I have added sand bags made from green putty. I also added a cannon ball from some sort of primitive weapon.

A view from the other side showing a piece of expanded metal added to patch a hole in the trench line. Sort of an in the field repair. This is made from styrene plastic card.

The little white specks are actually thin discs of styrene sheet punched from a larger sheet to represent nail heads. I have a small punch and die for doing this.

View from the front side showing more fine grit added to give a more natural textured appearance.

Its pretty close to done. Ill add some shell casings and other odds and ends of junk to give it some characer and hopefully have it in a mold and up for sale this week.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dragon Forge at Games Days!

Just wanted to let people know Ill be attending both Chicago Games Day in July and UK Games day in September.

At Chicago I can be found at the Golden Demon Lounge from 11:00 AM-12:00 Noon for Q&A with 4 other Slayer sword winners (I think its 4, it may be more) and then around the both through out the day. I will be there competing also in Golden Demons.

At Games Day UK Ill be there as a competitor again. Other than that Ill just be hanging about. Ill have more news on this later.


Friday, June 26, 2009

More Blankety Blank Blanks!!!

Ive added a few more new blanks to the store in the Sculpting Supplies Section

They are the following

Blank-100 100mm Round Base Blank one for $6.00
Blank-130 130mm Round Base Blank One for $9.00

Blank-Oval 120 120mmx95mm Oval Base Blank one for $6.00

Like all my Blanks, they are cast in Grey Urethane resin and are 5mm thick.

120mm x 95mm blank

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Win a Complete Set of Free Counters!

To try and increase followers to my blog I'm going to start doing some product give away!

From now till the end of the month June 30th any one who is or becomes a follower of my blog will be eligible to win a free set of my all my Objective Markers and Counters out at that time. As of right now its two sets-

Objective Markers and Counters Info

OMC-001 Advance and retreat Counters
OMC-002 Skull Counters

Who know what I might release by then, But I can guarantee you will hear about it here first!

So be come a follower for a chance to win. Then On July 1 I will make a random drawing to determine a winner!

And if you would not mind, post info about this on your blogs also.. the more people I get to follow the more free product contests I will run!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I had many people ask for something like this so I finally got them done and out.

It is a set of 10 Skull Counters to use as casualty markers.

OMC-002 Skull Markers set of 10 for $10.00

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little news is better than no news!

Sorry I have not posted much here of late, Ive been really busy with working on new stuff and casting and shipping orders.

I did manage to release a new round base set in the Parched Earth style. Its now on my website for sale.

These are the code numbers and descriptions.

RBPE-001 25mm Bases Parched Earth set of 10 for $10.00
RBPE-003 40mm Bases Parched Earth set of 5 for $7.50
RBPE-005 Hero's Base's Parched Earth set of 2 for $5.00
RBPE-006 Bike Bases Parched Earth set of 3 for $12.00
RBPE-007 Hero's Bike Base Parched Earth set of 1 for $4.50
RBPE-008 Attack Base Parched Earth set of 1 for $7.00
RBPE-009 60mm Parched Earth set of 1 for $5.00
RBPE-010 60mm Parched Earth set of 2 for $5.00
RBPE-011 80mm Parched Earth set of 1 for $7.50
RBPE-012 120mm Parched Earth set of 1 for $12.00

Some new stuff should follow soon.