Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well using http://random.org I came up with a winner for my first contest...

And the winner is!!!!


Please contact me at Dragonforge@gmail.com to get me your details as where to send your counters set.

I would like to thank everyone who has come here and signed up to follow my blog. I will be adding lots of new things here along with running other give away's and co promotions with other blogs.


HuronBH said...

Thank you for doing the contest. To be honest, I have been following your Blog for a while now, I found it through Wynn Studios (I have known Thomas for several years) and had just not gotten around to becoming an official follower. Your Blog has been in my Blogs I Follow section of my Blog for a while now.

Also, I recently purchased several bases from your Broken Wastelands series and I have to say they were really top notch. Expect another order from me mid July now that I know what I need to fill out the army.

Best of luck to you.

Dragonforge said...


Thanks for the compliments..Ive been working hard on this for 2 years now and I'm quit amazed at what Ive accomplished for being a one person company.I have quite a few things planned yet for this year and for the future following it.

So stay tuned!


Rabidchild said...

Email sent! I've always been interested in your power cables so I've sent you an email seeing about ordering some while I'm at it.

These skull counters will look good next to my Loxatl "counts as" ogryns. Thanks Jeff!