Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dragon Forge at Games Days!

Just wanted to let people know Ill be attending both Chicago Games Day in July and UK Games day in September.

At Chicago I can be found at the Golden Demon Lounge from 11:00 AM-12:00 Noon for Q&A with 4 other Slayer sword winners (I think its 4, it may be more) and then around the both through out the day. I will be there competing also in Golden Demons.

At Games Day UK Ill be there as a competitor again. Other than that Ill just be hanging about. Ill have more news on this later.



Admiral Drax said...

Have fun at the Games Days!

Have you ever thought of making some GW-style 50mm bases? - even blank ones. I know I'm not the only one with an interest in them - one of the problems with 60mm bases is that they're particularly unwieldy in Cities of Death ruins...

Dragonforge said...

Up till now, no ones ever brought it up. Im sure its something I can do at some point.

Right now I'm working on some 120mm Wasteland II bases because for some reason I never did any..

Dragonforge said...

Hey Drax, it just dawned on me there is a company in the UK who makes a plastic 50mm round base that looks like the GW 60mm round. I'm sure there is some US sellers of them too..let me look around for a seller I'm thinking of.

Anonymous said...

Jeff - one other idea. I was looking at your power cables the other day and thinking how useful they were, and thinking about how useful it would be if someone (such as Dragon Forge) would produce ammo belts in the same manner. I know there's a demand out there for it! You could do both open ammo belts such as used by Orks, Chaos, etc. and ammo feed cables such as on SM Dreadnought arms, Heavy Bolter Devastators, etc.