Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Win a Complete Set of Free Counters!

To try and increase followers to my blog I'm going to start doing some product give away!

From now till the end of the month June 30th any one who is or becomes a follower of my blog will be eligible to win a free set of my all my Objective Markers and Counters out at that time. As of right now its two sets-

Objective Markers and Counters Info

OMC-001 Advance and retreat Counters
OMC-002 Skull Counters

Who know what I might release by then, But I can guarantee you will hear about it here first!

So be come a follower for a chance to win. Then On July 1 I will make a random drawing to determine a winner!

And if you would not mind, post info about this on your blogs also.. the more people I get to follow the more free product contests I will run!

Thanks and Good Luck!


Andrew said...

Wow! Didn't know you had a blog. I love your bases (sitting on a pile of about 70 right now). Chance to get free ones? I'm definitely joining.

Admiral Drax said...


I like your stuff, mate - please count me in too.

I promise I'll big you up next time I post if I remember...

- Drax.

Dragonforge said...

Hi Guys!
I started the blog about 6 months ago or so but didn't do much with it.. But I have finally got around to using it as a tool to help promote my web site and keep in touch with my customer base to get your thoughts on things. My company is very customer driven on product suggestions so the greater the input the better for all.

Dezartfox said...

Huh, already thought I was following!

Can see your bases in action on my blog!

Wendell Hicken said...

Yay, free stuff! I did a follow on the top toolbar, but I also added your blog to me news reader, which is more useful for me.

Magiler said...

Hi! I'm adding you to my blogroll at cause your resin business is an excellent thing for our hobby.