Monday, June 29, 2009

WIP of a 120mm Wastland II Base

Normally I don't post to many Work in Progress pictures as I tend to work pretty fast and before I know it I'm done and I'm putting the model into rubber to be molded. But since I'm waiting for my rubber to be delivered here are some pictures of a new 120mm Wasteland II base in progress.

First picture you have the beginning of the base. Ive started with one of my 120mm blanks and added wood planking made from scribed styrene. It takes a while to scribe wood gran into styrene but its worth the effort.

I have also begun to build up the trench barrier using Magic Sculp.

Ive also filled in he cracks between the boards with fine grit sand.

Next you can see I have added sand bags made from green putty. I also added a cannon ball from some sort of primitive weapon.

A view from the other side showing a piece of expanded metal added to patch a hole in the trench line. Sort of an in the field repair. This is made from styrene plastic card.

The little white specks are actually thin discs of styrene sheet punched from a larger sheet to represent nail heads. I have a small punch and die for doing this.

View from the front side showing more fine grit added to give a more natural textured appearance.

Its pretty close to done. Ill add some shell casings and other odds and ends of junk to give it some characer and hopefully have it in a mold and up for sale this week.


Capitola Family said...

that is a great looking base, and very cool to show the process
M at SCW

RonSaikowski said...

Agreed, very cool to see the process involved in making one of these.

Alan said...

Outstanding. I'll need to get a least one:)

Sigmar said...

Superb base, please let me know if you make or would consider making similar monster sized bases for Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures.

Thanks very much,
my Fantasy Battle blog

Dragonforge said...

I will always be willing to try most anything as long as it is with in reason.. No one has asked me for large monster bases as of yet. I thought most things would fit on existing bases.

Free free to send me an email about your ideas.