Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Goth-Tech with round lip base added

Today Ive added a new Round Lip base set called Goth-Tech to my store.

Here is a sample picture of the 30mm set.

On a side note, Can anyone tell me why you can't copy and past text into Blogger from say Word documents with out getting errors?


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Word documents are packed full of hidden code used to support all the text formatting. When pasting to an HTML editor, the code comes out and generates the errors your getting. MS has a free product call Live Writer that can be used for blogging. If you are writing off line, it might be able to help out.

Dragonforge said...

Thanks, Ill look into that. I write my updates in MS word and then just copy and past them to various forums and emails and I only have trouble here..It is a Tag issue that I seem to be having.

Tinweasel said...

Basically what Chicago Terrain Factory said - rather than MS Word, I'd recommend switching to something a little lower-key like MS Wordpad and then before you go to cut 'n' paste, turn off Word Wrap. It's not as low-budget as MS Notepad, but it doesn't interfere with pasting via hidden stuff like MS Word does. The only thing it really lacks, appearance-wise, are tables.

On topic, those are (again) some nice bases. Fairly low-key arrangement-wise, they would likely be pretty easy to integrate into a diorama-type layout or just about perfect as-is for a unified army base theme.

Dragonforge said...

Hi Tin,
Thanks for the tip..Ill look into that.

As for the bases, I try really hard to make every base use able to mount a figure on with out your having to "Tip toe" them onto the base.

John Lambshead said...

I also copy and paste from word into wordpad, then recopy and paste into blogger. Wordpad takes out hidden fomatting codes that screw blogger.