Saturday, August 29, 2009

Server Down

I just discovered the server for my website is down.. trying to get it back up..

Please be patient.



Dragonforge said...

Just a follow up, server went down apparently last night and they are rebuilding it.. hopefully it will be back up soon. if you see anyone posting anywhere I am out of business..please reassure them this is not the case and I am just having some technical difficulties.


Carl Woodrow said...

Hope it gets resolved soon, would hate not to be able to order any more bases. First lot arrived today (Tech flooring and Wasteland sets)and I have to say Jeff, I was absolutely poleaxed by the quality; they are suberb!
You will certainly be seeing some repeat business thats for sure.

PS: Many thanks for the plinths too, much appreciated this side of the pond.


Dragonforge said...

Yeah its still down.. they are on their 3rd attempt at fixing it.. sounds like the whole damn thing melted..Im waiting to see what I have left once its back.But its going on 24 hours nbow and this is costing me..weekends are my biggest time of the week for sales and Im so afraid that if guys try a couple times and the sites not there they give up and think Ive gone out of business.

Thanks for the compliments on my quality. I try hard to produce top of the line stuff. Please tell your friends.