Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Bases Released in the Dragon Forge Store

Today I have released a new set of bases to the Round Lip Base series I am calling
Ancient City Ruins which is a set like my popular round base series only designed with the round lip base.
There is a 30mm set, a 40mm set and 2 50mm bases in this new series.

Here is an example of the 30mm base set

I have also added my first 120mm x 95mm Large Round Oval base in the Concrete Rubble Series
which will make a great base for large flying models.

You can find them all at my site Dragon Forge Design


Daughters of the Emperor said...

The new bases are made of awesome and win!

Warmaster Primus said...

Have you considered making large oval bases? I could primarily see people using them for Valk bases, but I love them for my converted Carnifexes.

As always, great bases!

Dragonforge said...

Warmaster, I just made one.. its the second listing in the release. Its in the Concrete Rubble series now.With others to follow soon.

I also sell a large oval blank in my store in the model supplies section.

Did you miss it?