Thursday, October 22, 2009

25mm Trench Board Bases Added to the Dragon Forge Store

I've just added a new set of 25mm Trench Board bases to the store to go with the 40mm ones Ive already done which are part of the Wasteland II Family of bases.

They can be found at Dragon Forge Design and ready to order!

RBWL2TB-001 25mm Trench Board Base Set One 10 for $10.00


Littleboyblues said...

What a coincidence. I just posted a new model I was working on in a blog I contribute to and I see your new trenches up in the corner. I'm basing my DKoK army on some of your trench bases and some from a different company about 50/50 for variance. I haven't had a chance to paint any yet but They look great after they got all cleaned up and primed.

Dragonforge said...

Yeah my Trench stuff is perfect for DKoK army's among other army's. Ill be adding lots more stuff to the line so I'm always interested in input from my customers.

Make sure to follow my blog as Ill be putting lots more stuff on here soon for the line.