Saturday, October 10, 2009

All caught up and back to Sculpting!

Well I'm all caught up with the huge pile of orders I received while I was on holiday and the flood of orders I received once I I'm back to business as normal on 1-2 day turn around on most orders.

Ive started sculpting some new items this week and plan on a full sculpting weekend. So look for new stuff to be added in to existing base lines and some whole new ranges of bases and terrain soon.

I also hope to get my 28mm vehicle and Mecha line going soon as its time for me to get sculpting on some new cool models for my company. Beyond that maybe some figures and conversion accessories soon to.

The final 3 months of 2009 and 2010 should be a banner year for me at Dragon Forge!

I'm always interested in hearing what people think and what they may like to see me do in the please leave comments!



Capitola Family said...

Hi Jeff, Mike here from Santa Cruz Warhammer. Any extras like guns, stowage, different barrels etc, all the accessories that we need to personalize our models. Different kind of guns for IG that counts as etc.
More trench bases would be great! Thinking about a little Krieg

misterjustin said...
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misterjustin said...

I want to see character conversion items - but no matter what it is I look forward to seeing what's next!

woroxon said...

I would like some kind of snapon bases for the space hulk models so they can see action in either base.
that would cool.

Dragonforge said...

I just updated the store with 4 new large Oval bases like the Concrete Rubble one I did last month. Ill do a proper update probably Monday on it.