Sunday, October 18, 2009

Four New Large Oval bases In the Store Today!

Ive added four new large Oval 120mm x 95mm Large Oval scenic bases into the store today at Dragon Forge Design.

They are the following, Broken Wasteland, Cobblestone Ruins, Desert Wasteland, and Wasteland II making a total of five now with the addition of Concrete Rubble last month.

Here are some pictures.

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misterjustin said...

I really like #3 - the drain you have against the curb is an incredibly subtle touch. The whole thing is beautifully executed.

The others are all up to your usual standard too. Even the reasonably "simple" base - #2 - has some excellent crater type effects on it. As for the Wasteland base - #4 - well... sculpting all of that broken mud is just nuts. Crazy. Nuts.