Thursday, October 29, 2009

Whats this! Icicles in October!

Yup that's right Icicles..

Plastic 11 CM long (4.5 inches) strip of Icicles. They are great to spruce up all your winter terrain projects.

They are 5 strips for $5.00. Can be your free $5.00 bonus item when spending $30.00 with the Dragon Forge Deal!

They can be found HERE or in the Dragon Forge Store through the front page.

Add some to your order today!


misterjustin said...

I have been trying to find the right application for these for a long time. Now that I'm working on some winter themed items I think I may finally have the excuse I need to order a set. Or three.

Dragonforge said...

They are made from hard styrene.. pretty cool stuff. If you look at the terrain GW made for the Space Wolf Codex they use the same items. I found the source for them and bought them in massive bulk and bag them up myself.