Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And the Winner is!!!

Grey Death !!!

Please drop me an email at dragonforge@gmail.com and we can discuss your $50.00 prize!

Id like to thank everyone who participated.. Ans just so no one feels left out anyone who participated and left a comment and places an order in the next week I will add something extra to your order as a thank you! Just let me know when you place your order that you were a poster here and what your blog name is. You can write it in the comments section on the order or email me the information.

My plans are to run little contests monthly among other promotional things so becoming a follower here will have its benefits!

Thanks Every one



Alan said...

Congrats to Grey Death, if you dont have any of Jeff's bases yet you are in for a treat, if you do then you know what I meen.

Daughters of the Emperor said...

Congrats to the winner!

Itkovian said...

Congrats Grey Death! I hope the feedback you got was useful, Jeff.

Dragonforge said...

Hi Guys,

Yes the input was quite useful. I have been working on some stone sections and totems to do sort of a Jungle themed set this year with a old Mayan or Aztec like feel but obviously more alien sci fi world..

did that make any sense LOL

Ive a few sets in the works, the first 3-4 will be small releases for the round lip base series as Ive had lots of requests.. hope to have some of the first next week. I'm also adding more lost empires stuff here real soon too.

OK back to casting..Ill try and come back and add some more answers to questions later today.


Grey_Death said...

Wow! I'm not used to winning things!

Was out of the loop for a bit for the announcement!

Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on some base works!