Thursday, January 21, 2010

Poll on new base set size..your opinion counts!

Hi I'm running a quick poll to find out people opinions on a new set of bases Ill be adding soon.

I will start making narrow 25mm x 70mm Bike bases here soon and want your opinion. Should I make them in sets of three like the current bike base sets or a set of 5. Let me know your thoughts please vote and also leave me comments.




YoungWolf7 said...

Dark Angels bike squads come in squads of 3 to start. You can add 3 more for a total of 6.
Vanilla SM Bikes start as squads of 3. SM Bikers can add up to 5 more for a total of 8. Scout Bikers can add up to 7 more for a total of 10.
Ork Warbikers start as squads of 3 and can add up to 9 more for a total of 12.

Given all that, I think that multiples of 3 work nicely.

misterjustin said...

You know... I voted 5 before I read the comments and this has done a decent job of changing my mind.

YoungWolf7 said...

As a variety junkie (read whore) I'm all for 5 to get greater variation. I just think that sets of 3 are better suited to the intended models.

Maybe 2 different sets of 3 designs? So 6 different bases, but sold in sets of 3?