Monday, January 25, 2010

Poll # Two, Which Narrow Bike Base Sets should I fo first,

Well the first poll about set size is just about in and it decidedly looks that people really want more variety. With the comments and emails Ive received I need to decide do I do the set of 5 which is the clear winner or do I do two sets of 3 which seems to be the most logical way to do it as LoneWolf7 pointed out almost all unite sizes are based on "3's"

So now its time for the second poll.. which sets do you want me to do first. Ill be honest some of my series sell better than others so I have a good idea where to start, But I really want your opinion as your the customer.. So here is your chance to have a say. Vote for your most favorite base series. I'm going to allow your three votes too as I know many of you collect more than one base series. Please only vote for your top three answers if you need to.

Thanks much for everyone participating in helping me with this.



HuronBH said...

Can I select all of them?

I will vote for a few of my favorite lines but in the long run all of them should get them though.

Dragonforge said...

Oh they will all get them in the long run I just would like to release the ones people are really itching to get right away.. Keep you guys happy!

Drake_Marcus said...

Sorry I couldn't vote for one of the clear winners... I'm afraid I just muddled the poll for you by voting for my personal favourite-- the Lost Empires bases.

Drake_Marcus said...

Any chance you'd do some Tau themed bases? I'm not sure how you'd skirt the GW IP lawers, but perhaps making the symbols that arent' copyrighted or making ones that are remarkably close to those? There are a bunch of different septs you could use as inspiration.

Dragonforge said...

Drake, Please feel free to email me with more ideas an Tau stuff..Ive wanted to do a set that might work well with them but your right I do need to steer clear of an IP issues.

My email address is in my details.


Ilmarinen said...

I still want (NEED!) you to do a second set of Wasteland II larger bike bases! ;)

YoungWolf7 said...

I'll second that request. :)

Dragonforge said...

Working on that second set.. It will follow the theme of having some small amounts of trench debris like the other 2nd 25,40 and 60mm bases did.

Then I will do full blown trench board versions too just for the fun of it.