Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Sanctuary Resin Base Series in the Dragon Forge Store

Today I added the first six sets of bases to a new series I am calling Sanctuary!

It was designed to give the appearance of stone floor in a old Relic Shrine or Sanctuary.

The First six sets can be found in the Dragon Forge Store

They are...

RBSA-001 25mm Sanctuary Set 1 - 10 for $10.00
RBSA-003 40mm Sanctuary Set 1 - 5 for $7.50
RBSA-005 Heros Base Set Sanctuary - Set 1 2 for $5.00
RBSA-006 60mm Sanctuary Version 1 - 1 for $5.00
RBSA-007 60mm Sanctuary Version 2 - 1 for $5.00
RBSA-008 60mm Sanctuary Version 3 - 1 for $5.00

Thanks for Looking!


Daughters of the Emperor said...

OooOoOOo I'm putting this on my list of next bases to get!

davetaylor said...

These look great Jeff, and will really set off the right project!

'Toolin said...

Jeff, I just wanted to give you kudos, man. The Ancient Ruins bases I bought from you was the finishing touch I needed for my Marines. I know I couldn't have gotten that look and feel I needed for them, and they brought home Players Choice in the Yellow Tourney at the championships.

I can't wait to spend more with you!


JAH said...

i'm a big fan of all of your Hero Base sets...they're not too over the top for a gaming mini, but set a nice little scene...keep up the good work...