Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Base Sets from Dragon Forge Design May 19,2010

Today I have added three new base sets to the Sanctuary Base Series to cover Bikes and small vehicles.

They can be found at Dragon Forge Design

They are the following-

RBSA-009 40mm x 75mm Bike Base Set 3 for $12.00
RBSA-010 25mm c 70 mm Narrow bike Base set 5 for $10.00
RBSA-012 "Attack" Base Sanctuary 1 for $7.00

I also added a new set of Narrow Bike Bases in the Desert Wasteland Section, the Rough Terrain in Desert Finish set
RBDW-019 Narrow Bike Bases "Rough Terrain in Desert Finish" 5 for $10.00

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