Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two New Fleur De Lys Counter sets at Dragon Forge Design

Today I have added two new counter sets in the Objective markers section. They are Advance and Retreat counters and a set of basic marker/counter set that can be used for many things.

Done in the style of my Sanctuary Base series they would be a perfect fit for collectors of that series.

They are,

OMC-003 Fleur De Lys Advance and Retreat Counters (40mm dia.) set of 2 for $4.50
OMC-004 Fleur De Lys Tokens/Counter set (25mm dia.) set of 10 for $10.00

They can be found at Dragon Forge Design

Friday, July 9, 2010

Square Base Army Starter Deal Sale at Dragon Firge Design

Today Ive announced I'm running an Army Starter deal for my Square based Fantasy Base Series at Dragon Forge Design

For a limited time now is the chance to start a new Army with my Army Starter Deal I am running from today till Friday July 23, 2010.

This is for all my Square Bases Series.

What does this include?

8 Sets of either 20mm or 25mm square bases or a mix of the two.
2 Sets of 25mm x 50mm Cavalry Bases
1 Set of 40mm square bases
1 50mm square base

That is 95 Bases total!

Retail on this would be $108.00

But now you can buy the package deal of 95 bases for $80.00 plus shipping.

That is a 25% Savings!!!

Check out my Site for the information and Add to Cart button on the front Page!

(This Does not include the Dragon Forge Deal Promotion)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Temple Square Base Series at Dragon Forge Design!

Today I have added a new Squared based series of bases for Fantasy players I call Temple.

You man find them now for sale in the Dragon Forge Store

It is the same cut stone pattern I used for my New round based Sanctuary series.

The sets released today are the following-

SRBTEMP-001 20mm Square Base Temple Set of 10 for $10.00
SRBTEMP-003 25mm Square Base Temple Set of 10 for $10.00
SRBTEMP-007 25mm x 50mm Cavalry Base Temple Set of 5 for $8.00
SRBTEMP-008 40mm Square Base Temple Set of 4 for $7.50
SRBTEMP-009 50mm Square Base Temple Set of 1 for $4.50
SRBTEMP-010 50mm x 75mm Square Base Temple Set of 1 for $6.00
SRBTEMP-011 50mm x 100mm Chariot Base Temple Set of 1 for $7.00
SRBTEMP-012 60mm x 100mm Chariot Base Temple Set of 1 for $8.00

They are now available for order.

Please feel free to leave questions or comments!

Thanks for looking!