Tuesday, September 28, 2010

African American Head Set One at Dragon Forge Design

Now taking Pre Orders for African American Head Set one.

Sculpted by Tom Meier
Set of Nine Heads
CONV-001 African American Head Set One 9 heads for $9.00
Cast in Pewter
For Converting "25-30mm Heroic Scaled Miniatures"

You can find them in the Dragon Forge Store


Chris said...

Cool bananas. Have you got some scale comparison shots with generic and recognisable 28mm heroic miniatures?

Dragonforge said...

I hope to have shots of metal castings today. Ill take pictures with a mm ruler and a figure possibly. I just try and avoid any IP issues with other manufacturers.

xenite said...

Man... so good! I need to get better at some of the fundamentals of sculpting humans, and humanoid characters. Very inspiring.

TKKultist said...

Jeff, man these are amazing! Tom does do such amazing characterful work. A very cool new direction for dragonforge.