Monday, November 8, 2010

Modeling Project Using the Sanctuary Diorama Details Set

Part One- Modeling

I thought Id do a little Modeling project to show how to use the Diorama Details set DD-S-001 along with the new RBSA-015 Sanctuary 190mmx120mm Oval Base and some SRBTEMP-001 and SRB-003 Temple 20mm and 25mm square bases to make character bases fr your army.

I chose pieces from the Details set that best fit the 20mm and 25mm bases and the Large Oval.
The goal was to leave plenty of room to base figures yet make the base more visually exciting.

I glued each piece to the chose base with a good CA glue (super glue) and filled the gaps with Magic Sculpt. On the Large Oval I used Magic Sculpt to blend the fallen pillar piece to the base. I textured the putty with an old toothbrush.

I set everything aside to dry.

Sets Used

This is the end to Part One.

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