Monday, January 31, 2011

Stalingrad Expansion Update - Part Two

I did some more work today on the two corner base sections.

I added a wood floor section to the base on the left and the interior brick wall on the base to the right.

Ill add the floor to this base next.

I may add some exterior stone dressing to one of the bases and some interior wall finish like plaster or wood paneling.. still doing research. Since the buildings in Stalingrad were primary brick and wood, the wood burnt up fairly fast leaving empty brick ruins.

Next I will add some interior rubble and damage the floor some more..but I will be careful to leave plenty of room to add figures.

Added one more picture with some rubble damage added.

Feel free to leave questions and comments, I enjoyed what I saw from the first post. I want to make this set something special!!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Urban Rubble Work In Progress- Stalingrad Expansion

I'm doing a whole series of new bases to go into my Urban Rubble Series Which I will call "Stalingrad"
A client wanted bases to game the Battle for Stalingrad in 28mm but didn't want shell casings and bones on the bases and wanted a more "Brick and Boards" feel as the city of Stalingrad was mostly built of wood and brick.

A few example pictures of the feel I am going after.

Here are the beginning of two larger corner position pieces that will cast as separate terrain pieces and as 60 and maybe 80mm Bases. Right now I'm just building the wall sections out of cast brick wall sections and magic sculpt.They are to be used as Mortar and Heavy Machine Gun positions.

I placed them on top of 60mm bases to give you an idea of scale.

Next will be to add the interior wall to the wall section on the right and then the floor sections into them. Also interior wall surface like damaged Lath and plaster.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

200mm Urban Rubble Base Added at Dragon Forge Design

I added a 200mm Urban Rubble Round Base to the Dragon Forge Store today.

I made this a while back and never got around to listing it. But here it is now!

Great for larger figures and vehicles.

RBUR-015 200mm Urban Rubble Round Base 1 for $30.00

It is now available for order.

Battleroad Games and Hobbies- Check him out!

I thought Id take a moment to mention a friends business called Battleroad Games and Hobbies run by Alexander Scott Akers.
Besides a growing online store Alexander runs a very large Bits Store selection on eBay.

Check him out!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Two New Base Sets At Dragon Forge Design

Today I added two new base sets to the Dragon Forge Store.

They are the Following

RBPW-013 120mm x 95mm Parched Earth Wasteland Oval Base Set One (1) 1for $8.00

RBTD-012 25mm x 70mm Tech-Deck Narrow Bike Bases Set One (1) 5 for $10.00

They are now for sale in The Dragon Forge Store

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Just Realized I'm an Idiot!! Yes the Head Set #1 is now available!

I just realized that on the store page for the African American Head set in the conversion parts page was still listed as pre order and not officially for sale! I removed that..Yes! They are available for sale!!

Link to the heads

Sunday, January 23, 2011

200mm x 155mm Slate Wasteland Base at Dragon Forge Design

Today I added a new 200mm x 155mm Slate Wasteland Oval Base to my store.
This is a very thick base at about 30mm thick and is very heavy.
Perfect for large flying models when combined with one of my flight stand kits.

You can find it now for sale at The Dragon Forge Store

Price is $45.00 and this reflects the large amount of resin used to cast this.
Can be drill on request to accept one of my flight bases.

RBSW-014 200mmx155mm Slate Wasteland Oval Base 1 for $45.00

I will have a painted picture soon!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Have You Tried Power Cables Yet??? Whats Keeping You!!

I just received a new resupply of my Power Cables in yesterday so stock is high ! If you have ever thought about giving them a try now is the time!

Dragon Forge Store

They are made from pewter so they are flexible yet hold their shape, unlike steel strings which many try to use.

Example of them used by Dave Taylor

Review on Youtube

They are 3 inches in length-

They come in three sizes-
.045 in. /1.15 mm Diameter
.065 in. /1.65 mm Diameter
.085 in. /2.15 mm Diameter

And sold either as a sampler pack of 5 pieces of each, or single size packs of 10 pieces.

Pow-Cab-Sampler 15 pieces for $7.50

Pow-Cab-045 10 pieces for $4.50
Pow-Cab-065 10 pieces for $4.75
Pow-Cab-085 10 pieces for $5.00

You can find them in the Sculpting and Modeling Supplies Section of my Store.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

For Sale 2002 US Silver Warhammer 40K Squad winner-Space Ork Nobs

Thought Id leave the picture up for you to enjoy..

Ill be selling other things soon.. Pay attention :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

3 Days Left in Contest for Chance to Win your Order for free!

There less than 3 days left in my little Blog followers only contest For a chance too Win your order for FREE!!

Details are in the post below!!

So far only one person has participated..are you going to let him win?????

Any Questions please feel free to ask!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Think you can sculpt for Dragon Forge Design?

Think you have what it takes to sculpt for Dragon Forge Design?

In 2011 I hope to expand my ranges with the work or other sculptors and model makers.

Interested persons should contact me at

I look forward to hearing and seeing from some of you!

I thought I should add,

I am looking for things other than bases.

Conversion Parts

and so on.


Jeff Wilhelm

First Contest of New Year 2011 - Win your order free!

Happy New Years from Dragon Forge Design!!

2011 starts a whole new year from Dragon Forge Design!

Soon I will have many many new releases to offer but before I do I thought Id have a little contest for my blog followers.

Place an order at Dragon Forge Design between now and 12PM midnight Sunday January 9th 2011 and then come here and post in the comments section with the last 4 digits of your transaction number from Pay Pal. You must be a registered blog follower to do so.

On Monday January 10,2011 I will randomly select one customer who will either have the option of their order doubled, or refunded and shipped for free! Any amount..from $1.00 to $500.00 or more.. qualifies...

Like winning the resin base lottery.

I will contact the winning customer via the email address on their Pay Pal receipt.

Any questions feel free to email me.

Jeff Wilhelm