Monday, January 3, 2011

First Contest of New Year 2011 - Win your order free!

Happy New Years from Dragon Forge Design!!

2011 starts a whole new year from Dragon Forge Design!

Soon I will have many many new releases to offer but before I do I thought Id have a little contest for my blog followers.

Place an order at Dragon Forge Design between now and 12PM midnight Sunday January 9th 2011 and then come here and post in the comments section with the last 4 digits of your transaction number from Pay Pal. You must be a registered blog follower to do so.

On Monday January 10,2011 I will randomly select one customer who will either have the option of their order doubled, or refunded and shipped for free! Any amount..from $1.00 to $500.00 or more.. qualifies...

Like winning the resin base lottery.

I will contact the winning customer via the email address on their Pay Pal receipt.

Any questions feel free to email me.

Jeff Wilhelm


Hexeter said... is the male term for Temptress?!) that's what you are! Gah! I have some Holiday money I have not yet spent..this sounds like a good way to use it!

Hexeter said...

Ok Orders in! Last 4 are 5747

quietviper said...

Well it looks as though Hexeter's going to win...Damn you Jeff! I just put an order in on the first of January!

Do I have to hold my orders to wait to see what contest you're going to run?

Hexeter said...

You have no idea how tempted I was to put in a second entry for myself at the last minute and just go nuts...but the way my luck usually runs someone else would have entered last minute and I would have been explaining to my wife why I was paying out $500 for Resin lol

Dragonforge said...

I guess you win by default.. contact me if I dont get to you..

Dragonforge said...

Send me an email..its on my blog or site.

Cranberry Muffinman said...

Your transaction ID for this payment is: 96A24373MN951094G.

enter me in for double order holiday thingy woot :-D

Cranberry Muffinman

Dragonforge said...

Hate to say it Muffinman but that contest as over Sunday night and hexeter here won it because he was the ONLY person to pay attention and enter!!!
Makes me wonder if people read what I write here or just look at the pictures???