Thursday, January 20, 2011

Have You Tried Power Cables Yet??? Whats Keeping You!!

I just received a new resupply of my Power Cables in yesterday so stock is high ! If you have ever thought about giving them a try now is the time!

Dragon Forge Store

They are made from pewter so they are flexible yet hold their shape, unlike steel strings which many try to use.

Example of them used by Dave Taylor

Review on Youtube

They are 3 inches in length-

They come in three sizes-
.045 in. /1.15 mm Diameter
.065 in. /1.65 mm Diameter
.085 in. /2.15 mm Diameter

And sold either as a sampler pack of 5 pieces of each, or single size packs of 10 pieces.

Pow-Cab-Sampler 15 pieces for $7.50

Pow-Cab-045 10 pieces for $4.50
Pow-Cab-065 10 pieces for $4.75
Pow-Cab-085 10 pieces for $5.00

You can find them in the Sculpting and Modeling Supplies Section of my Store.



Tristan said...

A friend ordered a bunch of these and gave me some. I have to say they are absolutely excellent. Detail is simple but effective and they are very easy to use. Job's a good 'un!

Night Runner said...

These are brilliant. Just what the Apothecary ordered.

artbraune said...

Have you considered making the larger ammo belt feeders as well?