Monday, January 31, 2011

Stalingrad Expansion Update - Part Two

I did some more work today on the two corner base sections.

I added a wood floor section to the base on the left and the interior brick wall on the base to the right.

Ill add the floor to this base next.

I may add some exterior stone dressing to one of the bases and some interior wall finish like plaster or wood paneling.. still doing research. Since the buildings in Stalingrad were primary brick and wood, the wood burnt up fairly fast leaving empty brick ruins.

Next I will add some interior rubble and damage the floor some more..but I will be careful to leave plenty of room to add figures.

Added one more picture with some rubble damage added.

Feel free to leave questions and comments, I enjoyed what I saw from the first post. I want to make this set something special!!



Miniature Wargame Conversions said...

Yes, yes and YES! I really love where your raking these! Cant wait to see part 3!

Miniature Wargame Conversions said...

I was actually so blown away I forgot to say, I think a bit of interior wall plaster will be great!

What i like about your bases is that they are truly something to paint and make look nice. Always little details to add color to and give it that feel of reality.

Like I said, I cant wait to see part 3!

SC Mike said...

I think you sharing your'greenstuff' with us makes it great fun to see a vision come also gives us time to think up excuses to buy some stuff.

Dragonforge said...

Thanks Mike and Mike,

@SC Mike, yes it is rare for me to show work in progress, not that I'm opposed to showing its usually I'm working so fast I don't stop to take time to take photos. But I decided to try something different with this project and post on far its proved effective.

Sidney Roundwood said...

I really like where these are going. I think they are going to have a lot of application in the historical wargaming hobby, as well as 40K. I like the combination of the height of the wall and the moulding of the base. I agree that some borken plaster on one of the walls would be a nice touch.

Allan and Carmen said...

Hi Jeff,

Now that is Special!

Any Chance of making some 15mm stuff for Flames of War?

I plan to get some for my Imperial Guard :)

Happy Gaming,


AkersMinis said...

Jeff I think you are continueing to knock these out of the park. I really think this set will help launch you even more into the lime light.

Gug said...


That really looks like a total rip off of 1-48COMBAT!

you even call it "Stalingrad"... guess you could not come up with something original...

Dragonforge said...

@ Gug,
Im not even familiar with what 1:48th scale combat is as a system and if you wish to discuss what you perceive is my stealing another companies ideas.. feel free to drop me an email OK.. If you would take the time to read the whole series of posts you would see that this project started as a request by a customer of mine wishing to model the Battle of Stalingrad in 28mm using Bolt Action figures. I'm sure your here posting on my blog in defense of this company.. but try and get your facts straight first. Ill leave your post here just to show I'm not making any attempt to hide..nore steal any one else s "Original" idea as we all know No One has modeled or gamed the Battle of Stalingrad until did..

t-hawk said...


I am the person who asked Jeff to start this project. I've been gaming for over 30 years and had never heard of the game 1-48Combat. I have checked their website and their bases have holes in them for their minis.
The bases Jeff is making started with cardboard templates based on my Bolt Action FJ and Heer minis. If you'd like, I can send you pics of this process.
Regardless of anything else, I doubt that anyone has talked to Stalin and secured the rights to model ruins from his beloved city....

Allan and Carmen said...

I knew of 1-48 Combat before seeing these bases.

They are not even close to being the same.

So don't worry about Gug.

You are doing great work mate keep it up!

Best wishes,


Dragonforge said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have had a couple nice emails from Claudio Berni the Creative Director of BAUEDA WARGAMES LTD the people who make 1-48COMBAT and everything is good. From what I can tell 1-48th Combat looks to be a great Skirmish Game and worth checking out. Different scale from our beloved 28mm.