Sunday, January 30, 2011

Urban Rubble Work In Progress- Stalingrad Expansion

I'm doing a whole series of new bases to go into my Urban Rubble Series Which I will call "Stalingrad"
A client wanted bases to game the Battle for Stalingrad in 28mm but didn't want shell casings and bones on the bases and wanted a more "Brick and Boards" feel as the city of Stalingrad was mostly built of wood and brick.

A few example pictures of the feel I am going after.

Here are the beginning of two larger corner position pieces that will cast as separate terrain pieces and as 60 and maybe 80mm Bases. Right now I'm just building the wall sections out of cast brick wall sections and magic sculpt.They are to be used as Mortar and Heavy Machine Gun positions.

I placed them on top of 60mm bases to give you an idea of scale.

Next will be to add the interior wall to the wall section on the right and then the floor sections into them. Also interior wall surface like damaged Lath and plaster.


SC Mike said...

that is very cool Jeff,
i am excited to see this stuff
Santa Cruz Warhammer

Da_Sub said...

Great Idea Jeff, these will make a great addition to your line.

Sidney Roundwood said...


These look excellent, with loads and loads of applications. Really looking forward to getting some.

Brian Carlson said...

Looking forward to it, might be the inspiration I need to get going on my Krieg army!

Dragonforge said...
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Dragonforge said...

Thanks Guys I'll keep posting updates as I work through this and feel free to make suggestions.

Brian, I think these will be great for Kreig!

Typo in my previous post.

AkersMinis said...

OOOO Jeff thank you for the love of all that is holy!!!!!! I forsee another purchase on these for my

Muskie said...

These look very much in keeping with my usual aesthetic.