Friday, February 18, 2011

Urban Rubble - Stalingrad Expansion Part 6 - 40mm and 120mmx 95mm Oval Bases Sets

Yes, it's time again for another update in the Stalingrad project. While I have been dealing with getting shipped the wrong resins or having them damaged in shipment..Ive found some time to model a two more sets for this new Series.

The first is a 120mm x 95mm Oval base depicting a piece of damaged asphalt street with sunken rail lines for a street car and some rubble along the edge. Would make a great flight base, heavy Weapons base or even a Large Monster for you Sci-Fi players.

The Second set is a 40mm Round base set with brick rubble and some scattered boards.

Up next will be a 2nd 40mm set with concrete and steel factory ruins and maybe 1 more 60mm base and a couple Hero sets..Can't forget the Bases for your Hero's!!!

I'm starting to get them in rubber now so they will soon be ready for order!

Won't be long now!!!

As always questions and comments appreciated!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Urban Rubble - Stalingrad Expansion Part 5 - 25mm Bases Sets

Today I'm showing off 2 sets of 25mm bases Ive done for my Urban Rubble Stalingrad Series.

The first set is done in brick rubble with some random wood board rubble. Its a set of 10 bases.

The second set is done in broken concrete factory ruins with added metal debris. Things like pipes, I beams, corrugated Steel and so on.

Both sets have received a light coat of Mr. Surfacer 1200 primer to seal them for molding. It also helps me find any sever undercuts and hollow spots that the Mold rubber would catch and tear in.

I filled all those holes and they will be ready for molding soon.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Urban Rubble - Stalingrad Expansion Part 4.. A 3rd Base

So I finished up 60mm Base three tonight. It's a simple base with a small portion of a wall section in a rubble pile made for prone MG crews to hide behind. Pretty simple but should be an effective base.

For Sci-fi modelers should make a great base for walkers.

I took pictures from three views on this base.

My next bases will deal with some street sections. This will be another 60mm base and a 120mm x 95mm base. Not sure how I will tackle them so stay tuned and find out with me.

As always Questions and comments welcome.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Urban Rubble - Stalingrad Expansion Part 3.. Finished Models!

So tonight I bring you Part three of the Stalingrad expansion article with pictures of the two corner bases pretty much finished. I may add a few small of rubble to them here and there..its more of a sit and look at them for a couple days and think about it time. I do want to leave plenty of room to base figures and if the modeler wishes to ass more debris that will be up to them.

Same will go for things like shell and bullet marks. While the resin I use is very durable, it does work well with sharp hobby tools so adding shell marks is easy. Makes them more customizable.

The next five pictures are shots for all four sides so you can see the bases.

On one base I added some corner stone and a plastered interior wall with damage.

This next base is a third base I started tonight. Just a rubble pile to place a prone MG crew on.
Minimal coverage. I plan on a couple more like this. One being a fox hole like base.

This is the end of part three. There are many more to come..

Feel free to leave questions and comments..