Saturday, February 5, 2011

Urban Rubble - Stalingrad Expansion Part 4.. A 3rd Base

So I finished up 60mm Base three tonight. It's a simple base with a small portion of a wall section in a rubble pile made for prone MG crews to hide behind. Pretty simple but should be an effective base.

For Sci-fi modelers should make a great base for walkers.

I took pictures from three views on this base.

My next bases will deal with some street sections. This will be another 60mm base and a 120mm x 95mm base. Not sure how I will tackle them so stay tuned and find out with me.

As always Questions and comments welcome.


t-hawk said...

Excellent work Jeff! I'm sure this new series will be very popular with both 28mm WWII and sci-fi gamers. Keep up the great work and the preview updates.

Allan and Carmen said...

I am thinking of using them with with some 28mm bolt action paras for Arnhem or even my US paras for Carentan(? - spelling) .

Or my Imperial Guard or Space Marines.

Very nice :)

I will be ordering these when released.