Saturday, February 12, 2011

Urban Rubble - Stalingrad Expansion Part 5 - 25mm Bases Sets

Today I'm showing off 2 sets of 25mm bases Ive done for my Urban Rubble Stalingrad Series.

The first set is done in brick rubble with some random wood board rubble. Its a set of 10 bases.

The second set is done in broken concrete factory ruins with added metal debris. Things like pipes, I beams, corrugated Steel and so on.

Both sets have received a light coat of Mr. Surfacer 1200 primer to seal them for molding. It also helps me find any sever undercuts and hollow spots that the Mold rubber would catch and tear in.

I filled all those holes and they will be ready for molding soon.


AkersMinis said...


Muskie said...

I likes! I'm using resin bases more and more. I paint so damn slow it doesn't matter if I spent another half hour or so on the base...

Anonymous said...

Nice work Jeff - these will fit in well with the broader Urban Wasteland sets you have done previously.

I appreciate the time you have taken to blog about the process you go through to get these sets ready - its been fun and interesting watching a line develop.

I agree with Muskie - I have seen a move in my local area to resin bases due to the convenience factor and with your quality and pricing, I've seen more and more of your product around.

Good effort mate.