Friday, February 18, 2011

Urban Rubble - Stalingrad Expansion Part 6 - 40mm and 120mmx 95mm Oval Bases Sets

Yes, it's time again for another update in the Stalingrad project. While I have been dealing with getting shipped the wrong resins or having them damaged in shipment..Ive found some time to model a two more sets for this new Series.

The first is a 120mm x 95mm Oval base depicting a piece of damaged asphalt street with sunken rail lines for a street car and some rubble along the edge. Would make a great flight base, heavy Weapons base or even a Large Monster for you Sci-Fi players.

The Second set is a 40mm Round base set with brick rubble and some scattered boards.

Up next will be a 2nd 40mm set with concrete and steel factory ruins and maybe 1 more 60mm base and a couple Hero sets..Can't forget the Bases for your Hero's!!!

I'm starting to get them in rubber now so they will soon be ready for order!

Won't be long now!!!

As always questions and comments appreciated!!

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