Monday, March 28, 2011

Dragon Forge Design Goes Digital ! Sculpting that is!!

Today I am announcing a new addition to the Dragon Forge Line up, a new line of Vehicle conversion parts and eventually entire Vehicle Kits.

These will all be done by digital sculptors now working for Dragon Forge Design.

The first parts in the pipeline will be Turbine Intakes with separate inlet fans and housings for customizing. They are 1" or 25.4mm Outside diameter.

The first parts have been sent off to be printed and I hope to get them into molds net week for test casts.


An example of how the parts assemble

What will they go on you might ask??

Well this complete multi part Jet Engine kit for example.

This is just the beginning of something very big here at Dragon Forge and we look forward to bringing you all sorts of creative and new products.

Feel free to make any questions or comments.


Sleeping in the back said...

Incredibly excited about the intake fans. This weekend I was thinking about suggesting it as a catalog item so I can make my purchases at a single place rather than jumping around.

davetaylor said...

Excellent stuff Jeff. I look forward to see how this develops!


AkersMinis said...

Jeff, All I can say is WOW!!!! This is something that no one else has done and it just goes to show how out of the box you think on your products. Cheers sir I am sure this will be a mega seller!!!!

Abraxus said...

Put some handlebars and a saddle on that thing and call it an Ork Jetbike!

Gobbo said...

Awesome sauce Jeff! These will be great for some conversions!

Mike Howell said...

You are my new hero. That is seriously amazing.

Brian Carlson said...

Lie down backwards on it, and we could call it a Space Luge!

dylangould said...

Jet engines.... perfect for orky goodness...

Apathostic said...

You are just dangling these in front of us out of some perverse desire to see us drool like Pavlov's dogs. Shame on you.

Seriously, don't make us wait too long ... my patience quota is very low.


The Pirate Viking said...

Great news, do you have a gues-timate on pricing for the complete engine? (As usual something shiny and new has set off my chimping* response) Da Vulcha will be mine!

*Chimping: Activity practiced by wargamers and digital photographers where you look at something shiny or well taken and go oo! Oo! OO!

Dragonforge said...

Thanks everyone for the comments on this. To answer a few questions- This is a whole new process to me so when exactly it will be available for sale I cannot tell you but as soon as possible. The best thing is to watch here as Ill post here the first minute its available like all my products.
I also cannot tell you a price yet as I don't physically have the model in hand yet. I hope to have the first parts of it next week to start molding and send the engine off to the printer next week.
Please be patient on this.

Thanks for the questions and comments.. keep them coming.

Drazhar said...

This is great, however - where is some love for fantasy? We are people (and elves, and dwarves) too... :)

But in all seriousness - are you planning any more fantasy-oriented material?

Dragonforge said...

Yes I plan more fantasy stuff, like everything else it just takes time. Like this project I'm trying to outsource things like that, but finding the right people with the skills to do it is difficult. But I'm currently planning a new Fantasy set of bases and I am collecting all the necessary parts now for it. What it is, I'm not saying yet ;)