Saturday, March 26, 2011

FINALLY Added 8 New Urban Rubble Base Sets To The Dragon Forge Store!

Today I finally got the 8 mew Urban Rubble base sets I have been working on uploaded and added to the Dragon Forge Store For sale in the Urban Rubble Section.

While working on them I was using the Stalingrad working title but for right now they are in the Urban Rubble section.

Below are painted examples of them in the Gray Brick paint jobs I have been using on the Urban Rubble examples up to date, I hope to get the entire series painted as Red Brick soon for a different look.

You can find them for sale here Dragon Forge Store

I am working on more Urban Rubble sets, but I need to finish up and release some Ice World Next for those customers and then we have something HUGE!! on the Horizon from Dragon Forge..
Stay Tuned..

Questions and comments always appreciated.


Ben said...

Sweet! These are really nice and will go brilliantly with my existing bases.

Looking forward to the 'huge' announcement. :)

Abraxus said...

Hey Jeff, what size base are those Corner Ruins on? 60mm? They look great!

Dragonforge said...

Yes, they are 60mm Bases.