Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Box Is Back! Figure Travel Box is Available Again..for a While!

I used to make these nice wooden boxes for painters to carry their high end painted figures to shows in. But I just ran out of free time to make them. I talked a Cabinet Maker friend of mine to make me up a batch so I now have 8 for sale.

1 Left

Price is $70.00 plus Shipping and Handling to your location.

The Box dimensions are
13 Inches Long
9 Inches Wide
10 Inches Tall

Made from 1/2 inch Baltic Birch Plywood with solid Rabbit Joint construction glued and nailed.
Hinged door, Handle and clasp.

Has 2 Removable shelves inside.

Will fit under the seat in planes or in the Over Head Compartment Like Aaron Lovejoys Box here.

This is How you hold your miniatures in place for travel, with Blue Tac Poster Putty.
These are shots from Aarons box.

Ive made them for a lot of painters, if you attended Adepticon or Games Day Golden Demons you will see them.. probably written all over with signatures as some like to do.

They will go pretty fast and then Ill see if I can get another batch made.

If you want one email me your name, address and Pay Pal address so I can send you a Pay Pal invoice for it.

Any questions feel free to ask.


HuronBH said...

Cool, Depending on if any are left the end of next week I will see about getting one. Also any idea of when the pre-orders for the Omega Prime bases will go out?

Dragonforge said...

I'm casting orders all day every day.. best to email me with your order details and what day you ordered on.. as its nearly impossible for me to fnid your order with out some details.. but soon.

Anne F. said...

I just emailed you, Jeff! Thanks for the Facebook update on these. :)

Minijunkie said...

Very cool Jeff. How do people use them in terms of interior protection? Do they fit a particular foam tray size or do folks just come up with their own solutions?


Dragonforge said...

They use blue tac/poster putty to hold the minis in place on the boards. I'm trying to get some pics showing this method.