Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changes Coming to Dragon Forge Design

Ill be making some changes soon with Dragon Forge Design,


The first will be the ending of the Dragon Forge Deal Bonus program I stared a couple years ago to reward people for purchasing larger amounts of bases. I started this program when the recession hit a couple years ago and I wanted to add a little something extra to peoples orders who were loyal customers and ordered from Dragon Forge Design.

Since that time my site has grown and so has volume and to be honest the program has become a bit difficult to keep track of what extra items I should be adding to whose orders.. Actually more like a small nightmare as of May 15 2011 the Dragon Forge Deal will end.

But don't panic yet.. Ill be creating some sort of a new rewards program to start June 1st of which I will have details of later. I think it is something that people will like.


I will also begin to expand my conversion bit and terrain range this year. Up till recently Ive been a one man shop. I do it all from concept, sculpting, molding, casting, packing and shipping orders.. Ive begun to use outside sculptors like Lee Langston On the Omega Prime Series and some exploration into the world of digital sculpting of which you will see a lot more from in the next few months.. I mean a LOT more.. and soon I hope to get extra help and the molding and casting areas of things..simply put Dragon Forge is growing and growing fast..I do a lot for one person.. and with the additional help I'm going to blow the "Doorsof the Hinges" in the next few months..
So stay tuned and keep an eye out..

Until then if you have been wanting to take advantage of the Dragon Forge Deal you have until May 15th to do so..after that it ends.

Any questions or comments feel free to ask..


Jeff Wilhelm


HuronBH said...

Congrats on reaching the point where Expansion is possible if not mandatory. I'm looking forward to see what new stuff will be available in the coming months.

Dragonforge said...

Thanks, its been a great promotion I have run for almost 2 years, maybe more as I forget when I started it really. But with all the materials price increases and a few other factors I just decided instead of raising my prices 10-20% Id rather stop this program.
Other factors have also led to this, its become a bit of a nightmare keeping track of what people were asking for. Sometimes the comments section is there, other times its not. I get emails with the requests which get buried in my email and I forget or miss them.. Today I shipped out 4 packages with Dragon Forge Deal items I missed adding to orders..2 were sent to Australia.It cost me $15.00 in postage just because I'm making sure people get what they asked for.
I'm working on some ideas for new promotions for the site..not going to leak them yet but they will star June 6, 2011..Yes D-Day!

So stay tuned!

Lantz said...

Can't wait for the new products! I'm always a fan of new stuff.