Thursday, April 14, 2011

Design Dragon Forge Design a Banner Contest! Win Free Bases!

So I got to thinking after Andrew Lewis posted a link to a banner he made for me in my post below about a 200x200 pixel banner that maybe I should run a contest to design some banners to use on sites and blogs.

So here is your chance to be creative and win some Bases!

So design me some banners in these sizes.. or close to..


The info contained on the banners must include the following-
-Dragon Forge Design

And the ones I pick Will win a free set of bases up to $12.00 in Value plus postage included any where in the world!

Submit your entries to me vi email at

Deadline for entries is Sunday April 17, 2011

As I receive them I will post them here.

Ready Set...GO!!

Entries so far...

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