Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First 3D Prints Back of New Engine Kit Intakes

Here is a quick picture of the prints I received today of the Jet engine intakes. Ill start molding this week. I hope to receive the rest of the engine kit the end of the week.

Also here is a picture of the new Ammo Belts and spent shell casing test sets we have in the works. This is a test set and we will do sets larger and smaller in size to give a large variety.
The plan is to do 2" strip of ammo feed belts with matching spent shell casings to go with them.

They will be cast in pewter.

The cool thing about the ammo feed belts is they are designed to hook together so you can create longer lengths.

As always, questions and comments appreciated as always.


Miniature Wargame Conversions said...

I neeeeeeeed those ammo belts! AMAZING work as always Jeff.

Musings of a Smurf said...

Brilliant! I think ammo belts was something a suggested a while back. The engine is great too. Could you match it up to a barry fig so I could get some idea of size. I want to know if it is large enough for a fighta bomma or is it more suitable for a trukk of ork bike?

Fuzzbuket said...

wow there really nice!
those ammo belts are EXacTLY what ive been looking for!

Dragonforge said...

Smurf, they are 1. inch or 25.4mm outside diameter..so fighter bomber to truck in size or one big ass bike.

I had to edit my previous post..I made a mistake in the mm diameter measurement.

Uncle Bad Touch said...

which company do you use for your rapid prototyping they look much better quality than shapeways that i currently use

Roebeast said...

I can see those intakes being really useful for rooftop ventilators. Good stuff.