Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Base Series From Dragon Forge Design - Preview of Project "Omega"

Well it's time for a new sneak preview of a new base series that I just got in from one of my new sculptors working for me.

Dragon Forge design is proud to welcome Lee "Gobbo" Langston to the team!
You can follow Lee's blog here at Gobbos Forge

Here is the thing, we don't have a name for this set yet.. Ive give it the working title of "Omega" but I think we need something more clever than that.. so Ill work on that.

The set has been designed to have a very clean look of the inside of a space ship or on some future sci fi world.. these are the first 5 sets and Lee is working on more.. so lets hear what you think about them and have to say!

These are going into mold now and will be available very soon!

Hero Base Set (1 40mm base and 1 25mm base)

60mm Base set

60mm Base set

40mm Base Set

25mm Base Set

As always questions and comments appreciated!


Mordian7th said...

Those look pretty cool! They immediately made me think of the Tau in 40K, very clean and clinical yet high tech and sci-fi. Omega is a good name for the set I'd say - can't wait to see what's next!

HuronBH said...

They look good, and are just what I was looking for for a FW Boarding Action army I am working on.

Dragonforge said...

Thanks Guys. I love getting feedback.. feel free to post about them on your own blogs or favorite forums..I love seeing how fast info can go my business grows and I can start hiring more sculptors and contractors..I can offer more great new stuff! Expect to see a "Explosion" of new product this year.

Gobbo said...

Wow, I love the look of these bases... they look just like the ones I made... LOL

Omega is not bad. My suggestion would be "Station Prime" or "Station Epsilon"?

Hexeter said...

Nice work Gobbo! And a good choice in Picking up Gobbo as a part of the Team! My suggestion for a name for the bases would be "Sector Alpha" as it ties in nicely to the Project Omega idea :P

thybewitching said...

Such precision. Awesome look.

Jay said...

These look great!

Robert J said...

These are great, I will wait patiently for these to use with my Infinity Nomads. Just what I have been looking for.

Dragonforge said...

@ Robert, I will put up a pre order page today.. They went into molds last night!

Keep an eye out for this afternoon!

Dragonforge said...

Just put them up on the store for order!!

Mark Stone said...

I use these guys for my Infinity ALEPH models. They're really awesome. I went with a subtle grey-and-green color for my ALEPH, so the subtle greens of the bases (I paint them using what's basically your "studio" scheme) really help the models pop!

I recently ordered some more, including some 40mm ones for my TAG and remotes. Thanks for making an excellent product!