Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Base Series Omega Prime Now for Sale in the Dragon Forge Store

Now in the Dragon Forge Store for order my new Series Omega Prime

RBOP-001 25mm Base Set Omega Prime 10 for $10.00

RBOP-003 40mm Base Set Omega Prime 5 for $7.50

RBOP-005 Hero Base Set Omega Prime 2 for $5.00

RBOP-008 60mm Base Set Omega Prime Set One 1 for $5.00

RBOP-009 60mm Base Set Omega Prime Set Two 1 for $5.00


Gobbo said...

Looking good Sir. Not the color scheme I had envisioned while making them, but then, it is always cool to see what others do with them...

Dragonforge said...

what did you envision??

The Independent Characters said...

I have to say I just found your site and I think I have just discovered what bases I am going to purchase for my new Ultramarines army! The Urban Rubble Wasteland set look great!

Dragonforge said...

Urban Rubble is one of my largest sets.. and I will keep growing the Urban theme with kore sets..In fact I have 3 more ready to release soon with more on the way.