Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Added the first three sizes of Ammo Feed Belts to the Dragon Forge Store

I just added the first three sizes of ammo feed belts to the Dragon Forge Store

They are in the Conversion Parts Section

They are 1mm, 2mm and 3mm widths.
40mm In Length.

1mm width

2mm width

3mm width


Lantz said...

Friggin' awesome. Can't wait to order some of these!

Dragonforge said...

I have the first 50 copies of each now in stock! Be the first to Order!

Frontline Gamer said...

Hey Jeff that's a really cool idea. I'll have to pick me some of those up to stick in my bits box when I make my next order. Ps I'm working on a review of your Omega Prime basers over on my Blog after the one on the Infinity forum went down so well.

Ps its Jody by the way!!!

Mordian7th said...

Very cool! I'll be picking up a few packs of these post-haste - keep up the great work!

Fuzzbuket said...

dear dragonforge

i have been thinking about ordering in a few of these as they seem to be exceellent products and just right for 40k HOWEVER i am in the UK and i am worrying that it would cost a lot to have them shipped over here!

so how long would it take to post these to britan and for how much? id really love to buy some of these!


Dragonforge said...

I just sent you an email answering your questions.

I have a basic flat shipping rate to the UK of $5.00

shipping time to the UK is around 1 week or less .