Friday, July 29, 2011

More New Stuff At Dragon Forge Design!!

I added 3 more new Base Sets today to the Dragon Forge Store.

Thats 14 new items this week with more to come

Check it out here in the Dragon Forge Store!!

Today I added 3 new Ice World base sets!

Hero set and 2 new 60mm base sets.

RBIW-005 Hero Set Ice World, 2 for $5.00

RBIW-009 60mm Ice World set 4, 1 for $6.00

RBIW-010 60 mm Ice World set 4, 1 for $6.00


Hexeter said...

Those are FINE looking bases! I love the transition between Techy and Ice!

Dragonforge said...


Ill be doing more like that, but first I need to get the Attack, bike and large Oval finished in Ice World.

Ill have about 10 new sets to post next week..making 24 new items this month.

Bladebaka said...