Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Spotlite - Miniature Tim
A great blog that's worth a read. great articles on Modeling and painting!


Frontline Gamer said...

Just subscribed Jeff. Nice little blog Tims got going there. Thanks for the heads up.

Tim Toolen said...

Thank you very much for the spotlight, Jeff!! I really appreciate it.

Of course, the army I've won 3 awards with now at Adepticon, was based with your bases too... I REALLY appreciate that!!! :)

And thanks for the compliment, Frontline! I've got alot more planned for my little corner of the hobby world, so keep coming back :)

Dragonforge said...

Your welcome Tim, I felt it was worth seeing..Hope you gain many followers because of it.

Do you have complete images of the Army? Send them to me and Ill post them :)

Tim, follow Jody's Blog (Frontline Gamer) great read..lots of good very independent reviews of miniatures and game products.