Friday, September 16, 2011

Dragon Forge Designs 1st Ever Sculpting Competition!!!

OK.. Here it is!! Ive put lots of thought into this.. (Not Really but it sounded good)

Today September 16,2011 I am announcing my First Ever Sculpting competition to to celebrate my getting my first job ever as a professional sculptor by being hired 20 years ago by Ral Partha to come work for them..

So I decided to run a sculpting competition to look for new (or old) talent that could eventually work for me (sounds cool huh!)

So Here Are The Details

Im running a contest to sculpt bases.. pretty simple..sculpt a base, send me photos and Ill vote and choose a winner or even winners to continue to do work for me..

What do you win?

Glory, Bragging rights.. Money.. Yes! He said Money!! Money Money Money!!!

1st Prize - is your entry purchased for $50.00 to become property of Dragon Forge Design, Inc. and put into production and a contract to do a complete series! Plus you will get 2 copies of your entry.

2nd Prize -is your entry purchased for $25.00 to become property of Dragon Forge Design, Inc.
and put into production with the possibility of future work with Dragon Forge Design, Inc. and 2 copies of your entry.

3rd Prize - is 2 copies of your entry and the possibility of future work with Dragon Forge Design,Inc. This could be put into production eventually.

Why am I doing this?

To look for new talent to help me grow my company..


1. All entries must be original work Not using any parts or pieces or Intellectual Property ideas of other miniature and game companies.. In other words NO parts or pieces from things from other game companies miniatures or using their imagery. Any entry will be disqualified if presented with these items.

2. What you can use?

A. For this contest you can use any material like Glues( solvent, CA-Super Glues, PVA etc.) Plastic card or rod strip materials from companies like Evergreen or Plastruct.
Sculpting materials like epoxy putty's, fimo (must be cooked) found objects like rocks, stones and so on.. its really pretty simple.. NO other game companies parts..

B. A base, plastic or one of my resin blanks.. keep in mind the larger the base allows you to show off your skills and creativity.

C. Your own ideas, or you can sculpt a base to fit in with ANY of my existing lines.

D. Have fun.. Pretty Simple.

Entry Deadline is October 15, 2011

This gives you one month from today to get busy.

Entry submission

1. up to 3 images in jpg format sent to
2. Sent to me via the postal mail, keep in mind if you wish it returned you must include return postage or it becomes my property.

Any questions feel free to ask.. Spread the word.. have fun..



Richelieu said...

Is it one entry per person? Or can we go hog wild and do two or three entries, or even two or three bases for a single 'line'?

Dragonforge said...

Yes you can go hog wild but remember only the best will be chosen. So instead of going for the quantity, go for quality or enter it as a group.

Kathryn Loch said...

What a great idea! Normally, bases are my weak point (that's why I like your designs :D) but I did get one idea and sat down and started doodling.

Then the flood gates opened. I didn't know I had it in me. lol! So lots of doodles, we'll see if I can make 'em work.

I do have one question though. Keeping in mind the entire point is to use these for casting, would you like to see a photo of the base from that perspective included with the "go all out make it look like a great finished base" photos? Or is that completely up to the entrant?

Oh boy, I think I'm going to need some blanks. lol!

Dragonforge said...

@ Kathryn, just good pictures that show the sculpted base..

TKKultist said...

cool stuff Jeff!

Hexeter said...

Heya Jeff! I re-posted the link to your Contest over on DSR Forum for the guys there to check out as well. Hope you get some solid interest in this! Myself I have no skill at it..but if you want to have another Contest for Bases like the last one I'd be happy to win that one :)

Dragonforge said...

Umm what contest was that one????

Whats the DSR Forum..linky?

Hexeter said...

That was the Contest you held where you offered people a chance to Double the Order they placed should they happen to win. Pretty sure I was the only entrant on that one :) DSR website is and the Forum is over at

Dragonforge said...

I'm going to extend the deadline for Entry to November 30.. seems I do a very poor job of advertising this and Id really like to see lots of participation.