Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Might YOU Be Missing Your Order? And other News

Returned Non Deliver Orders... I Have A Growing Pile...

If you have placed an order with me in the past.. and it never arrived..could be because its been returned to me because your Pay Pal Order came with an old wrong delivery address.

Yet even more, the email address on same order is also old and out of date..

Makes it kind of hard for me to get you your products you paid for with hard earned money

If you have once placed an order with me and it never arrived. please contact me and will straighten this out..

(I'm talking about months old, not placed a few days ago)

PLEASE Make Sure Your Pay Pal Accounts Are Up To Date...

So, How do we fix this so it don't happen again.. well make sure your Pay Pal accounts are up to date with all the correct information.

Current Order Status

I'm currently running about 10 days turn around from receipt to shipping of orders. This is due to a increase in sales. Please be patient if you are placing an order with me.

Looking For Help!
Exactly what it says..Im looking to grow Dragon Forge but I need qualified skilled people.

Sculpting- I'm looking for talented dependable people to do work for me. You don;t need to be a pro.. in fact I'm more looking for guys who are skilled modelers who are looking to take that next step and see their work make it to production. This includes everything from freehand to digital sculpting.Feel Free to Contact me if you think you have what it takes.

Production- I'm looking for an individual in the Cincinnati area who might be looking for a little extra part time work on a contract basis. This would involve helping me process orders. Feel free to contact me if you think you might have the skills.

If you feel you have something to Offer me here at Dragon Forge send me an email. Im not looking for new set ideas.. I have 100's already.

My email is dragonforge@gmail.com

Thanks much!


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Miniature Wargame Conversions said...

Got the "Imperial" city, with no rubble done. Getting approval pics ready to be sent to you. Also have ideas for the ruined version as well, actually came out really really reallllllllllly well.

Oh and its not needed but if you wanted to pop an MWC linky on the side bar that would be swell.