Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 New Goth-Tech Sets added in the Dragon Forge Store

April 25, 2012

10 New sets Goth-Tech Bases released in the Goth-Tech Beveled Edge Base series.

Bringing the total to 18 sets of bases in the Goth-Tech Series.

RBGT-002 25mm Goth-Tech Round Base Set Two (2) 10 for $10.00
RBGT-004 30mm Goth-Tech Round Base Set One (1) 10 for $12.00
RBGT-007 40mm Goth-Tech Round Base Set Two (2) 5 for $7.50
RBGT-012 Hero’s Base Set Goth-Tech Set Two (2) 8 for $10.00
RBGT-018 60mm Goth-Tech Set Three (3) 1 for $5.00
RBGT-019 60mm Goth-Tech Set Four (4) 1 for $5.00
RBGT-030 25mm x 70 mm Bike Bases Goth-Tech Set One (1) 5 for $10.00
RBGT-041 120mm x 95mm Oval Base Goth-Tech Set One (1) for $10.00
RBGT-044 120mm Goth-Tech Set One (1) 1 for $15.00
RBGT-050 200mm Goth-Tech Set One (1) 1 for $40.00

This is a total list of all the new sets. That is 43 new sculpts total added to this range..
Sculpted by Tim Toolen and Jeff Wilhelm
Tim is new to the Dragon Forge Team, Look forward to his next set but until then check out his blog Miniature Tim
 They can be found at Dragon Forge Design