Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 New Ice World BaseSets, 4 New Converion Parts Sets At Dragon Forge

 Today I added 6 new items to the Dragon Forge Store

4 new conversion parts sets and 2 new Base Sets

CONV-INF_001 Renegade Back Packs 6 for $6.00

V-CONV-004 Port Caps 12 for $4.00

V-CONV-005 Cable Bundles 6 for $8.00
CONV-Tools-001 Jack Hammer 1 for $2.00

RBIW-014 25mm x 70mm Narrow Bike Base Ice World 5 for $10.00

RBIW-022 120mm Ice World 1 for $15.00
(not sure why blogger is rotating the picture..I cant seem to fix it..anyone know how?)

So.. any questions or comments?

Ill be releases more new bases this week , mostly some additions to existing lines.

Thanks for supporting Dragon Forge Design!

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