Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vacation Notice and a new Lava Base Test piece for discussion

I will be on Vacation from July 26 to August 7. No Orders will be shipped during this time. I will resume processing and shipping orders when I return. Feel free to place orders while I'm away safely knowing that I will process and ship it as soon as possible when I return.
In the mean time, Im working on a a new idea for a new Lava Theme base line. It involves Lava over taking a city or fortress. Though some have already pointed out to me it looks like bubbling sewage too so it will have many paint options.

To see what you think, and to "Encourage" me to get right on this line and sculpt it on my return. I'm offering it up for sale during the time I'm away on Holiday. So if you wish one..buy one now. As On my return ill remove it from site.

If sales are good.. Ill return it with the newly sculpted line, if sales bad..it will be gone forever!

Now is your chance to encourage me to sculpt something cool and different!

You can find it at http://dragonforge.com

So, What do you think?


KnightsofOblivion said...

Superb as always, maybe the only thing would be to have a bit more of a lip to allow for some water effect solution to go in. Still a great base though.

Dragonforge said...

It does have a lip that would allow a mm maybe 2 of water effects. I don't think you would want to add more as you would over up the bubbles details. This is a base more designed for paint effects then using liquids on it.