Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Five New Desecrated Lands Sets Now In the Dragon Forge Store

I just added 5 new Desecrated Lands Sets in the Dragon Forge Store . Again they were sculpted by the very Talented Mathieu Fontaine..

They are the following

25x70mm Narrow Bike Bases set of 5 for $10.00
40x75mm Wide Bike Bases Set of 3 for $12.00
Attack Bike Base Set of 1 for $7.00
120 x 95mm Oval Base 1 for $10.00  These are perfect for flight bases ;)
120mm Large Round base

Some have recessed areas to allow for liquid effects like the others in the series.

Mathieu has a few more things yet to sculpt to complete this series.. So soon their will be more good stuff!

Here are some pics to drool over!

There you go!

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