Saturday, September 8, 2012

Upcoming Price Increases on select Bases sizes at Dragon Forge Design

Upcoming Price Increase Beginning September 10,2012

All 40mm Round and Round Lip Bases sets will Increase from $7.50 to $10.00

All 120mm x 95mm Oval Bases will be $10.00-12.00 Some are still currently $8.00

All 120mm Round and Round Lip Bases will be $15.00

I will start changing Prices Monday September 10, 2012 so here is your last chance to buy them at current prices.

Price increases are to reflect increased cost of materials and these larger Items need to reflect this.

All other prices will remain the same.

Sorry I have to do this.

Their will also be a small increase in Postage Rates mainly for larger International orders.

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Tommy Clark said...

Jeff, I have No worries on this increase. We all understand the increasing cost of materials and the resulting price of product. I am willing to support you and your company because you offer a quality product at a great price. I feel that if Im paying XX amount of dollars for a model then the Base should be amazing. You offer this service at a price I can afford and its worth it to me. And the fact that your informing us ahead of time to get the "last chance" deals speaks volumes for your company VS the "model companies" sudden price increase for products already produced just to raise profit. Thanks for what you do and Thanks again for the Heads up.....